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Corporate Innovation

It is the process of approaching companies with innovative solutions, aiming to add new methods, processes, products, services, or even new companies to their business.

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Venture Builder Model

Open and External Innovation through the creation of a new company where the corporation has shareholding control, thus allowing it to have the agility and flexibility needed to develop and foster innovation, with governance;

Executive participation of the corporation in the selection process (Selection Committee) and the follow-up of the startups, on the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee in a timely and scheduled manner;

It enables executives and employees to be investors in this initiative, through internal incentive programs, aiming to retain and attract talent, creating a spirit of belonging, “skin in the game”;

Mapping the Corporation’s improvement opportunities to generate and prioritize backlogs for the startup search process, mapping “pains” with real demand;

A dedicated and exclusive team is hired and trained for this new company, to do the whole process of selection and development of the startups, using FCJ’s methodology and the integration of these startups with the corporation, within the guidelines defined by the Startup Selection Committee;

Access to the Shared Service Center (SSC) specialized in startups, with legal, accounting, marketing, mentoring, franchise network, and fundraising;

Access to a worldwide network of mentors, executives, and investors that make up the FCJ group;

The FCJ Group enters as an investor implementing the “skin in the game” initiative, taking on the risk of the operation.

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