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Coming up with an innovative organization or idea is not that easy. To build something valuable and capable of changing the world or even to survive a competitive market, entrepreneurs and businesses must think and breathe innovation.

But achieving success requires a number of resources that most businesses don’t have at the beginning of their journey. In this context, a venture builder organization can be the answer to grow a business successfully — with reduced risks and at lower costs.

So, what is a VENTURE BUILDER?

A venture builder is an organization that builds companies using their own resources. It works with entrepreneurs and businesses’ CEOs to provide support and funds to help them grow a business and generate value from the ground up. The venture building model helps startups and organizations grow by combining the expertise of seasoned entrepreneurs with the desire to transform ideas into real opportunities, working together as co-founders and sharing a common objective. The model allows for organizations to become more connected to the startups and therefore more effective in their businesses.

How does it work?

Venture building companies are composed of experienced entrepreneurs who know how to grow usinesses. The start-ups have access to important resources such as office space, direct support in legal, finance, payroll, advertising and communication services, among others.

The venture builder model include:

  • Identifying business ideas;
  • creating teams;
  • brand recognition;
  • access to capital;
  • lead the venture;
  • share services between the ventures.

Differently from the traditional venture capital model, venture building accelerates your company’s growth as the startups become part of the organization’s overall strategy, creating opportunities and profits.

And what is a corporate venture builder?

If innovation is the base for continuous growth post COVID-19 crisis, a McKinsey & Company survey, released in July 2020, says that only “21% [of the businesses] have the expertise, resources, and commitment to pursue new growth successfully” after this period.

It proves that only a low number of organizations can implement radical transformations that have effective impact on their strategies in the long term. And that’s what start-ups can do, being more adaptable and agile in bringing innovative solutions.

So, essentially, that’s what a corporate venture builder does: it takes an organization’s problem and develops a start-up to solve it, utilizing resources to grow and scale while the organization gets innovative technologies to commercialize their products, services, or ideas.

How can your business grow with FCJ Venture Builder?

FCJ Venture Builder is the biggest venture builder network in Latin America. It was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs who had the vision to create a scalable business model in various industry sectors in Brazil.

Today, FCJ Venture Builder operates in different industries, ranging from pharma to agriculture in B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), and B2G (Business to Government) verticals.

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, FCJ successfully launched corporate ventures in the health sector, a government venture builder, the first start-up franchise in Brazil, and expanded its solutions to Portugal. And now FCJ has arrived in Finland.

FCJ Finland

logo fcj finlandThe FCJ Finland launch proves the FCJ Group’s success. Our goal is to take our successful FCJ model globally, implementing our know-how in Venture Building in countries conducive to innovation such as Finland, one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Come join our launch on October 8 at 4 pm in Finland, 2 pm in Portugal, 10 am in Brazil, and be part of this exciting moment for FCJ Europe.

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